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Success Stories

I feel so much looser and more balanced.

Jean had a stroke several years ago; she uses a standing hoist to transfer. Jean has benefitted from weekly physiotherapy to stretch and move her affected side to maintain her range of movement and flexibility.

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I’m working towards being independent.

Tom is a young man who received a head injury following a car accident four years ago. He aspires to be more independent in his daily life so we are working on his standing balance, walking quality and ability to tranfer his weight more fluidly.

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I have clear targets which helps me manage my condition.

Graham has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He has physiotherapy weekly which focuses on maintaining his strength and coordination. Graham is very conscientious with his home exercise programme which is developed during the treatment sessions.

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Eileen is walking more upright, she is learning to overcome her fear of falling.

Eileen had a stroke 3 years ago; she lives at home and is able to walk indoors with a stick. She has been working on improving her standing balance and quality of her walking, consequently she feels more confident to keep moving and try new things.

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My posture is so much better after physiotherapy.

Anne has physiotherapy three times a week with both Rob and physiotherapy assistant, Lisa. The sessions focus on improving Anne’s sitting posture, keeping the movement and strength in her limbs. The sessions help Anne to manage her Multiple Sclerosis; she achieves better posture and keeps her limbs flexible and stronger.

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The sustained treatment has definitely slowed Jean’s deterioration.

Jean has had Multiple Sclerosis for a number of years. Jean’s physiotherapy focuses on challenging her sitting posture and balance, whilst exercises keep her legs flexible and strong. The physiotherapy sessions also benefit Jean’s husband and family as they feel more confident about Jean’s physical ability.

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I have resumed some movement in my fingers which gives me hope.

Joy had a stroke in 2010 and commenced physiotherapy 6 months ago. Joy has been working on her hand dexterity; she has been pleased to achieve some movement in her fingers again. This has given her renewed hope and determination to continue to do the exercises and improve.

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I feel more confident to keep at my exercises day to day.

Roger has physiotherapy once a week to help he manage aspects of his head injury. Roger has been working on improving the quality of his standing ability and walking; treatment also focuses upon stimulating his hand and arm to regain ability and function. Roger is highly motivated to work independently on an individualised home exercise programme.

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The regular treatment stops my leg distorting.

Fred benefits from twice weekly physiotherapy sessions which assist to maintain and improve his abilities following a stroke.

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